Here is my hard disk. It's a Western Digital Raptor WD740GD. It is the world's fastest SATA HDD and is absolutely stunning! Unfortunately, its only 74 GB and now I have to choose between lots of games and dual booting Fedora core...

Western Digital Raptor (wd740gd) 74 GB Hard Drive:
The WD Raptor is a new class of hard drive that matches SCSI performance and reliability and provides simplified connectivity, all at 30 percent less cost than Parallel SCSI drives. Built for speed, the WD Raptor has 10,000 RPM rotational disk speed and 5.2 ms average data seek times. Built for reliability, it has a rugged, enterprise-class mechanical platform with high-end bearings and actuator. Built to last, this Enterprise SATA (ESATA) hard drive is made for years of high-performance operation around the clock. MTBF has been calculated at 1.2 million hours. Built with a backing, WD Raptor ESATA hard drives carry Western Digital's five-year warranty. Built for value, WD Raptor is priced nearly a third lower than Parallel SCSI enterprise hard drives.

What kind of hard disks do you guys (and gals! ;) )have?


I used to be a huge fan of WD, and one of my drives is still a WD.

I've moved onto segate, after working with some enterprise level stuff, and getting a 200gb drive from them (PATA) I am very impressed with the speed and power of such a quite drive. 99% of the time I'm going to be looking for a new seagate drive :)

But I also have other drives (mostly non choice), I have a 30gb in my Mac Mini (unaware of who makes it) and I have an 80GB in my devbox which is a maxtor (who I am not a huge fan of).

I have 4 20000rpm 500gb IBM drives in my server - they rock as there SCSI RAID. In my experience Maxtor are prone to failure. Seagate are good as there a good company and are reliable.