ALlllright...another freaking Random Restart Post...


My system that i build myself only Restarts when im Playing a game and im on Ventrilo (Like Team speak, i play compitive online games) but i have had it for over a year now and its just starting..

My System specs:

Win 2000 Pro
Amd Athlon xp 3000+
480watt PSU
Generic KM400 pro Mobo
eVGA Nvidea FX 5200 vga vard
duel channel 1 gig ram (2 strips of 512 PC3200)
40gig maxtor
8gig WD
Creative labs Sound Blaster Audigy 5.1

And its not a heat problem cuz i have 6 case fans...2 front intake, 1 side intake, 1 top exhaust, 2 rear exhaust,

I have sandra and my temps are fine

is my mobo going????

no, i wouldn't say that, my guess is you dont clean it. Do you use compressed air to clean it out once in a while?. In only a year nothing should go wrong with a pc that sits there. If you openit up and play with it then theres a chance you migh have done something. If you don't open it up etc then it has nothing to do with that. I would recommend a clean out (with compressed air). If that doesn't help then replace the power supply. Please wait to replace your poowersupply because some one else may have an alternate way to solve this problem, although im pretty sure.

To anwser your question yes i do have a clean up Period everymonth, where i run all my Drive cleaners, then when i am done the case is opened and all fans and compontes are blasted with Compressed CO2 (office Duster)

i know what you are comming from tho my house is a bit dusty...

Now with 6 fan's i really dont think its a heat issue, so I would go with power supply problems.

ok thanks man..i was gonna get a new psu anyways but your imput takes the cake.

lots of case fans doesn't make that much difference, i think it could be your gfx card overheating what make is it? is it the winfast Twin turbo cooler? if so that could be the problem as the twin cooler is really bad...

ya thats true, the graphics crd could be oev er heating but im certain on the ps. If the ps does not sove your problem look fo the fani, and twin intake.

Suroot, its a FX5200 128ddr nvidea

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