hi, I am having problem with my Hp nc6000 laptop. If powered on(ie when the adapter is plugged in), the LED on the charger blinks rapidly and the coolant fan spin awhile then stops.

I am led to believe that this is probably caused by a short somewhere on the motherboard. I've taken the laptop completely to pieces, and then troubleshoot by changing the processor and memory but all to no avail. i even change an IC with no (Max1772) which i know is the power ic but yet the problem persists. There are no obvious shorts however, no suspect components, no burning smells whatsoever from my observation on the body.
Please does anybody have any useful idea/info on how to repair the system.
I have every necessary tools at hand to perfect the if told what to do.


"a short somewhere on the motherboard" You've basically answered your own question, however, the best remedy is another board. The IC re-install was noble but a waste of time and expense. Your circuit board is at least three layers thick, not just one.