Heres the story:

Last night my Compaq laptop was working perfectly fine. At that time it was not plugged in and the power cord was disconnected from it. A couple hours later, I go to the laptop, push the power button, and find that nothing at all happens. Nothing turns on, no fans, no lights, etc...

Sometimes this happens when the battery is to low or just dead. So all I have to do is plug it in, right? I guess I was wrong. I plug the cord into a power strip and connect it to the laptop. I push the power button, and to no avail, it doesnt turn on. The only difference is that this time the little light shaped like a lightning bolt (that says if its charging or not) was turned on. So I let it charge overnight. I come to it this morning, the charging light is off, and the laptop still wont turn on. Nothing at all happens when I push the power button.

Anyone wanna help me out here?

PS - this couldnt be caused by a virus, malware, etc.. right?

Try removing the battery completely and running off ac power only. If it boots,shut down, reinstall the battery and boot again.

i am having the EXACT same problem . but i took out the battery & tryed to go on ac power but that still doesnt work . is there anything else i can do ? !

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