A customer of mine dropped off a Dell Latitude D600 notebook that runs fine using battery power but shuts off when plugged in. Short circuit maybe? The strangest part (to me) is that the battery charges when the laptop is off and plugged in. If you try to power on the laptop with it plugged in, it briefly lights up the numlock, scroll lock and caps lock LED's then shuts off. If you then unplug and power on using battery it works fine... until you plug in again which causes it to shut off immediately.

Is there some sort of electrical path that only the AC power travels on that is shorting the machine out? I am not educated enough to know how to test individual parts of the motherboard for shorts. So far all I have done is try another AC Adapter which had the sam issue. I have stripped the machine down and have physically inspected the motherboard and haven't seen anything that stands out. I can post some high resolution images if that helps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I hope I can help others here in the future!

- Mike

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Could well be due to a fault on the charging circuit. Tell me, does it come with a seperate Charger Board? These are notorious for causing charging and power faults.

If it does have a charger board try swapping it with a good known spare (ebay is your friend for that)


Techno T,
Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the charger board is not separate from the motherboard. I swapped the entire motherboard and it works fine now... but I would have loved to have fixed the original one :(

Thanks for the help... now I will check for separate charger boards on future repairs!

- Mike

what a pain, sounds like the charging/power circuit is faulty with would mean changing the power reqs and other SMT parts (a pain to find and match up)


Wow i have a toshiba laptop and no so long ago my computer when plugged in shuts down so i have to shut it down in order to charrge it do you knoow what could be the issue please help?

i have the exact same issue as kelvinz!! My laptop is also a Toshiba.. please help, i dont know what to do

Hi truda, you can start first by creating a new thread instead of adding one. And if you do that, we also need more information about your laptop and problem. Thanks.

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