I stumbled on this forum looking for an answer to an issue I faced with my laptop today.

My laptop was running slow and shutting down due to overheating by itself so a friend recommended I clean out the fan and heatsink. I opened it up (unscrewing the bottom) and clean out the fan with some cottonsticks and a vaccumcleaner. When I closed it back up the screen has stopped working. It still turns on and off fine, goes to standby when I close the lid, goes to windows, allows me to login with my password etc. makes the windows sound everything, but the screen remains blank.

I really can't afford to buy a new laptop and taking it to the repair shop would probably cost just as much, so any advice would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.

There is a switch that senses when you close the lid. If it was stuck in the process of working on it, the screen may not come on, but you say it responds to the input of closing the lid, so I would guess your just pulled a cable off that you didn't get back on right. Try just under the hinge cover, on the right-hand side. Make sure it is firmly seated. Also inspect the cable for correct routing and possible damage.

Yeah I actually fiddled around with it for a few hours yesterday and found the little plug had come undone. Just kinda panicked I guess :)

Thank you anyways though