System specs:
Company:Gateway 506GR
Processor: Intel P4 540 HT Technology
OS: XP Home
200 gig HD 7200 RPM SATA
1 Gig DDR Memory
300 Watt power supply

Just got a MSI NX6600GT and ready to install but realized
that the card requires minimum 350 watt power supply for
system stability. I got 300 watts, is it necessary to upgrade
to 350 or 400 power supply?

Just want to stay on the safe side :cheesy:

I just went through this process, so I can give you insights based on what I've discovered.

You probably have a "mid-grade" power supply that came standard with the Gateway, and its probably just good enough to give clean power to the system in the case. The 6600GT is pretty power-hungry, and I'm betting it won't be happy with what you've got. Look into the following:
-how many amps does the 12V rail supply? Anything less than 18A will be trouble, I'd guess, depending on the other gizmos in your case.
-do you have an extra 4-pin connector, directly to the PSU (not branching)? If not, again, trouble.

Since you already have the card, I don't think you can damage anything by trying it out, but I'd contact support at MSI to verify that.

That said, upgrading to a better PSU is really not that difficult or expensive. For about $50-$75 US, you can get a nice, name-brand power supply that will serve you well. Installation is not difficult, just do your research for the right size and form-factor. You'll need to make sure you have the P4 and SATA connectors. Google is your friend. The only issue: I'll bet you'd void your warrantee - check with Gateway.

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