To anyone who might have the solution:

I am having the same problem. I've tried to use USB to paralel and USB to serial and then serial to paralel, both in XP and 7, in laptops, but unfortunetly i didn't come with any result, i.e. my 25 pin dongle isn't recognized. IS there someone that could give a litle help??

Yep. Get a USB dongle, or a real parallel port.
Dongle protection software (Sentinal, Wibu, etc) are installed as low level drivers that want direct access to a real port. They don't work through emulated ports such as USB adapters. Usually, the reason is that the dongle and software rely on hardware interrupt lines, which don't exist with an adapter.

Since you are using a laptop, why not use a PCMCIA or Cardbus to parallel port adapter?
This will give you a 'real' parallel port, and not an emulated type.

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