Hello, I have a hp compaq pressario x 1000 lap top, I had recently upgraded the ram from 512 to 1 gig. I also formatted and loaded xp pro on the laptop, I receive a sdfsdf error when attaching external drives to the laptop, the usb ports apparently are working as the mouse is attached via usb. The drive shows up as a folder and not as a device, I cannot access the documents inside the folder. If anyone has had any dealings with this message I would look forward to their responses

Thank you.


From my experience with this error is that is Malware related. I suggest running a program called Hijackthis and display your output here.

You can get Hijcakthis here:


Yes thank you I resolved this last week thanks again

Oh excellent!

Do you remember exactly what you did? So others may benefit from your success.



How I erradicated the sdfsdf virus.

The sdfsdf virus, basically took over the system not allowing me to access any of the antivirus that I had on the system, this included malwarebytes, and combo fix, as soon as I would attempt to run any of these antivirus the system would freeze up. I would have to hard boot the machine, I had to start it in safemode a couple of times without networking to be able to actually apply the antirus. It eventually took on the pc however the external hard drive and thumb drives took more work to get rid of. There were a lot more suggestions like going into the registry and what not at the end of the day it was a autorun file and system exe file that was found to be the culprits. I hope that this will help someone in the future. Thanks for the reminder to post the solved issue Waffles I will keep that in mind in the future.

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