Hi everyone, this is my first thread. Hopefully someone can help me.

I bought a new motherboard, plugged everything in and I have nothing. It powers up, but I don't get a signal to the monitor.

I brought my video card and processor to work to test them here, the video card works no problem. The IT guy here said that if the processor was bad the system wouldn't even power on so the CPU must be ok.

His conclusion was that it has to be the memory. I used the memory from my old machine, which is PC3200, but the new motherboard says it's only compatible with NON-ECC / NON-BUFFERED PC3200. I have no idea if the current ram is compatible.

Would this be the source of the problem possibly? I bought a new ram module today, but haven't been home to test it out yet.

Should I look anywhere else for why I can't get a video signal.

MOTHERBOARD - SY-P4VTE (Prescott-Ready)


:D i hate to tell you this--i had the same problem but its an expensive lesson!

usually its a ram or cpu problem
take the ram out and if the pc posts to tell you there is no ram then you know its not ram

what i did was change my cpu and...it worked no problem!!

good luck

I know a friend who had a similar problem... he just didnt put the RAM all the way in... lol so make sure your ram is in all the way ;)

Hi. Not sure where you work, but your IT guy should be downgraded to a janitor. Even with a bad CPU, your system will STILL power on and all fans will run. You will NOT get any POST beeps. If you are not getting any beeps at all (verify you have an internal speaker properly connected OR external amplified speakers if your board supports POST Reporter) then your CPU is non functional. If you were getting beeps, then we could go from there. If you have no speakers (inside or outside) then do this: Turn your box on, listen for ANY activity OTHER than fans blowing. Hard drives spinning, floppy disk checking, CD-Rom spinning, etc. Im betting the farm its a dead CPU or improperly powered CPU...which will cause death....very quickly.