Hey!.. its been awhile since I last posted - I am now working with a Residential, Commercial Mortgage Lender.. http://www.lincolnprimelending.samsbiz.com

and in the process of redesigning the website: Look it up and tell me what you think!.. (well maybe not!..).. Nah!.. its ok!.. I can take it!.. (no I can't!)..

Anyways.. problem is that I have my computer confiscated by the internet police - they think I was involved in some kind of credit card abuse - Sorry fellows - I got involved in some stupid scheme from Nigeria!.. I should have known better!..

But now I got my system back - they cleared me of all wrongdoing - so far!.. and now my Wireless doesn't work!..

I reformatted the drive that had all the incriminating data (what data?).. and re-installed XP (first I installed 2000) - thing working fine - but the Wireless just doesn't want to connect to any networks - I see two "Default" Non-WEP Enabled networks and another one - I connect to all of them - and get almost no access to the Internet!..

What do I need to setup an Access Point (my own!) without having to pay an ISP?.. is it feasible?.. I don't have any Radios (except my jazz station!.LOL!)..

I know I am riding on someone's network - and I apologize - but when your out of work and broke - its the only way you can get your mails...

Sorry guys!.. I am looking for the Least expensive way to connect to the Web - I work off of it daily - and not willing (at least until I get a paying job!) to fork out $10-50 bucks for a connection.. I can connect via AOL - but they suck you dry!.. even with their FREE trial!...

There are a few FREE ISP out there - but most want a credit card - which I do not have! or care to use!..

So the dilemma in a nutshell - how to configure it all.. I got WZC setup to Auto Detect.. the Linksys Setup is working - but it connects sometimes to the AP - but cannot reach the Internet!.. How can I get it to stay on the Interned besides dialup, DSL, etc..


Appreciate any input.. please email me: jcpose@lpend.com or jwarrior47@yahoo.com, posejc@hotmail.com or posejc@excite.com


Help!.. :-|

You're blunt and up front, I like that. I don't think anyone will help you steal your neighbors connection though. It is a bit confusing how you can have a new job but still be out of work. Oh well.

personally i really hate people that steal internet...i cant imagine sbc dsl costing 14.95 is too much for you to afford...thats .50 cents a day...but no you cant set up your own wireless router if you dont have your own internet!

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