I dont know where this goes so Ill just post it here.

I am having this problem with my browsing speed.

I have SBC Yahoo DSL
and a belkin rotour

now when my modem is pulged into my computer directly with the rotour not hooked up I can download at 60kb/s + on my dling program and browse the internet super fast while still dling fast.

once i plug in my rotour , I open up some ports for the dling program, so it still Dls quick, but my browsing speed gets real slow, slower then dial-up.

1) What am I doing wrong here? Is there a way to make my browser as quick as when the rotour wasnt plugged?

2) and also when the modem is pluged into my pc directly I can dl at 100Kb/s at times when I plug in the rotour, even with ports open I only get 60-70 tops can that be fixed or not?

you shouldn't have to mess with the ports on the router to get your DL program to work. It should make no difference whether or not you are in the router or not. at least not that noticeable of a difference. Check your router settings, and make sure your cables are good (modem to router), also see what not messing with the ports does.

well the download program is overnet and it specificaly says in its help files to set up virtual servers

right but that has nothing to do with your router...your router just splits the line into a determined number of separate lines...but to your computer it just sees it as a regular cable connection.

I dont know what this overnet thing is, but if its some kind of multi-peer thing like bittorrent or some other multiple-connection thing, the router may be preventing connections byond a certain number.
Many routers have whats called a half-open connection limit.
This is great for preventing DoS attacks utterly killing things, but its also a hinderance in these cases.
Would be worth checking the router for any kind of connection limits and firewall features.
Just a thought :)

nah i fixed it the mod can close this thread

Care to explain HOW you fixed it, so that others reading who have a similar problem may benefit from your experience?

Daniweb is an INFORMATION SHARING community ;)

ARRGGHHH do i have too? fine

I removed this program caled connection manager and just let the computer connect through the XP connection for baordband and my speeds shoot up to 256K :twisted:

its only dsl so shhh!! anything is better then dial up

Aint that the truth...

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