Last night every thing was fine with my computer and i turned it of, today when i woke up it said, disk boot failur, and i use 1 drive, and my 1st boot device is my hard drive

Should i re install xp or what

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Check that the drive is correctly identified by BIOS from the BIOS POST screens. If it isn't, you have a drive failure and can start swearing now.

If it is recognised by BIOS, try a repair install to correct the problem.


I have tried repairing and it works fine, but my problem is that it will do it again because it is not the first time this has happened, is my hard drive faulty, i ran Seatools and it didnt find any problems with my hardrive


Then Check that the drive is jumpered as 'Master' and attached to the end data cable connector. If it's set to 'Cable Select' it can be problemmatic.

Could you also please download, install and run 'Everest Home Edition' (you'll find it with Google) and report back indicating what your motherboard is identified as please, and also what make and model your hard drive is reported as. I presume by your comments that the system will work sometimes but not at others.

By the way, if the behaviour is intermittent then I'm strongly suspicious that it is a dying hard drive.


I will check that program out,

1 other problem on my hardrive is that i have 4 partitions, and when i tkae my drive out and put it in another machine the fourth partition will be seen but not accesible.


Haven't been pulling bits in and out of that 'pooter with the powercord still live from the wall outlet have you? If power is still running to the motherboard there is still power IN the motherboard, and nothing should be connected/disconnected or else damage can occur.

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