um i have a dell 2.2ghz
maxtor 40gb
intergrated intle extreme graphics (want to replace this!)

i play counterstrike i run it on 16 bit lowest resoltiuon

i want a PCI card that will get around 60-100 always with this dell(sucks ass)

please list the ones that you know for a fact that get 100fps
i like radeon the best
gforce is ok

but i really dont care i just want 100fps (frames per second)
also if i can get it if there is one out there i will buy 512 soo i will have 768 (right?) also i i do not have an AGP slot!

Try they should have some PCI video cards, in fact I'm sure they do. Check them out, check out reviews, and it's YOUR decision.

The GeFX5200 PCI is a tad better than the GeF4MX PCI, which is in turn a tad better than a 9200SE PCI. All of them are crappy really, and you won't do much better unless you lay out heaps of money for a workstation graphics card (which would do 3D better than those cheap 3D cards)

If you want to play games you should really leave that Dell for accessing your eMail and get a real 'pooter!

nm iam selling it and buying a nice computer and gonna get like a radeon 9800 pro or 9600xt

good choice :)

btw, don't forget you might also want to up your ram, as that can limit preformance as well.