I went to Comp USA over the past weekend, they looked at my recent used Mitsubishi LCD 19" to determine what looks like a faint squiggly line in the lower center of the screen; about 1/4 inch wide, looking like a strand of hair being projected on a white screen but it is faint, during bright images, hard to ignore. I saw this when buying the unit and had hoped it was not terminal, but it was described as a 'string of dead pixels' NEC, handling Mits products now, advised me this is not covered for second generation owners, so repair is out of pocket and expensive, 75 % of cost and possibly more.
I'm curious about pics representing common problems and if this sounds accurate. I hope I can possibly provide my own images in the future but just getting started on this board. Thanks again for any insight


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I really don't know what you are wanting to know from us, so I'll just give you some general information about your problem.

Sounds like you have some dead/stuck pixels or subpixels that happen to all be near eachother. LCD technology is great but not perfect. Most LCDs will have at least one dead/stuck pixel or subpixel. This problem is simply an unavoidable consequence of the technology used to manufacture the panels. There isn't a way to fix the panel other than replacing it, and the new panel will most likely still have dead pixels. Most monitors have warrenties that will only cover replacement if there are more than a certain number of dead pixels (usually around 3-8 depending on the resolution of the screen), and don't offer any dead pixel warrenty coverage for secondary owners.

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In short, without a picture of my own uploaded, which I'll see about doing, BTW... I'm looking for confirmation on this problem and/or pics of this and other problems to be aware of.... For example if as I see it, a dead pixel, or string, can look black, red, or blank or still show an image but look like a bruise, as this one does. Both are LCD, but may be built different as one is a portable DVD player, the other a PC monitor, large scale size (19" vs 7") After checking your first link, another question comes to mind....why would the 1st owner allow a string of dead pixels if under warranty? I was told by NEC that there is a warranty to first owner...that is truly strange as this one is sadly, obvious



NEC techservice contacted me a couple times to point out it will be quite costly to service the internal LCD panel and any problems with it. They informed me my monitor was made for only one month, Jan to February 2002! Sounds very strange as if there were numerous defects or something. There is another term they gave me for my reported problem but haven't had time to research it (nor recalll offhand)... I'll report on that if I don't see it mentioned for FYI info

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