I just recently bought a brand new Asus Motherboard w/ P4 3.0 Ghz cpu and 1g kingston ram. It seems to not be functioning...

When i put it all together this is what I see happening:

Green Mobo light is on
Fan is spinning
HD, CD Rom drive is on

;) NO beeping from the Mobo
:-| NO keyboard light
:sad: Black screen

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Everything is new, i took it out of the box myself.

from selling parts ive learned there bad out of the box alot but here are a few things to check.

on a p4 board depending which one you have there is a 20 (atx) pin connector or a 24 (btx) this is in obviously BUT do you have the 4 pin connector in as well? also do you have the cpu fan in CPU1 this can cause similar issues.

if thats not the case do this. connect only cpu memory and video card. try it. if nothing take out the memory and make sure that the system speaker is correctly installed. now turn on the machine. if you get a continuos set of beeps the memory is most likely bad or not fully in place.

now if neither of these work. take the board out of the case and set it on something non static and do not do this in a carpeted room. if you did to start you may static shocked the board. now install the memory cpu and video card. you do this because some cases have incompatabilities that cause the board to short out such as risers in the wrong spots. use a screw driver to jump the two pins that you connected the power supply to. if this dosent work you have hard issues. the power supply could be bad and not sending correct power there are simple testers you can buy i know compusa sells them for about $10. normally at this point i call the mother board bad which happens often. the memory could be bad, and the least likely but possible is the video card.

the way to test the video card with out a spare is to start the machine with out it and see if you get the post beep. thats about it if those dont work then you definitly have hard ware issues.

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