hi got a porblem....pluged everything in all the other fans work everything lights up but the cpu fan does not spin i also tried a new cpu fan but still no luck...what could be the problem??


asus premium mobo
p4 3.2ghz 800fsb
pnny 1gh ram
250 gb maxtor hard drive.
standard floppy driver
and dvd-rw writer
g-force t6600 turbo chache 256mb

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You sure you plugged it in the CFAN connector on the mobo? If all connections are right, the mobo may be at fault. You could either replace it or use one of the molex connectors from the PSU to run the fan. If you do this, you'll need to get the required converter. Also, you won't be able to monitor the fan's speed.


yes everything is connected perfectly. connecting the fan directly to the power supply will be my last resort. however i still have warrenty on it and i have sent it back and will be getting a new same replacement mobo.

ive sent the mobo back for the fourth time now aswell. not sure if this mobo is working for me. are there any other better mobos then this asus one?? :rolleyes:


Well, asus makes very good mobos. Guess your luck was bad. You could go for MSI, Soltek, Gigabyte, to name a few. I'm using MSI at the moment and have absolutely no prbs with it. I've also assembled 10 PCs with MSI boards and haven't received a single complaint. So I guess you should go for an MSI board.


hmmm im looking at few msi mobos. however i shall be recieving my replacement new mobo on wed so if still no luck then i will get a refund and try for a new brand.

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