So I've been getting a problem with my computer lately, and it starts with the thing restarting itself and maybe it'll post. but lately its just gotten worse and worse. whenever it does post, it usually tells me " System now in Safe Mode, Please resetting the CPU Frequency" (exact words). So I'm not very knowledgable when it comes to changing the cpu frequency, and basically anything to do with cpu voltage, ratio, whatever it is, I don't really understand it enough to know what to do. So when I actually am able to get into the bios, I change a few things around hoping it'll fix it (yea I know that's stupid). So now, all it does is turn on and run the fans at full speed, nothing happens, no post, nothing on the screen.

Someone else suggested that it was either the CPU, mobo, or RAM burned up by my resetting stuff so constantly. Either way, I'm in no financial situation to be able to pay for anything, and wonder if there is a cost-free solution to this.

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Forgot to put up my specs, if they really matter, which I don't think they do in this case, but anyway:

Athlon64 3000+ (754)
Soltek SL-K8AN2E-GR Mobo
1gb DDR400 RAM
Samsung (somethin) HDD 120gb
Radeon x800Pro

are you saying you screwed it up more by changing some settings?

Reset all the settings back to default by pulling out the battery for a while (looks like a watch one on the motherboard)

first need spec of computer so someone can tell you what ratio core voltage and etc sure be set at. but before any thing try clearing you cmos on your mobo by setting jumper to clear or removed battary with the computer unplug and take a piece of metel and short both contact on the battery holderfir 10 sec put battery back in this sould reset back.

I have an Athlon64 3000+ (754)

it's working now, but if you can, I'd still like to know what to set it to for future reference. thanks

Processor AMD Athlon™ 64
Model 3000+
Operating Mode 32/64
Stepping C0
Frequency 2000Mhz
HT Speed 1600
Voltage 1.50V
Max Temp 70°C
Thermal Power 89W
L1 Cache 128KB
L2 Cache 512KB
CMOS Technology 130nm SOI
Socket Socket 754

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