Well, so I have a notebook without CD/DVD drive, and with a special WinXP install CD. I have to reinstall it, and I don't want to buy an external drive. But I have an USB cross cable. So If I plug in the other end of the cable into my pc, can I emulate an external drive with it, and which program do I need? Or an I do it somehow else without emulating a drive? (I have a SATA DVD drive in my desktop comp.)

Is it this hard to emulate a bootable CD/DVD drive?! My phone has a program that can make it appear as a simple USB card reader. This wouldn't be much different.

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Well, maybe it's not that simple, but I'm sure, if it can be done, somebody have already written it.

Ok, so now I've asked around, and found a computer store where they know about USB cross cables: They have two kinds of USB cables with double plug: One simple cable to connect an active USB with a passive one, and another one called cross cable to connect two active USBs. So now I know that I need an electronic, but I also know that it's already a solved problem. So now I can make a physical connection, but I still need a software.
Any ideas?