I have read thread "My PC won't start - Read this first!" but still cannot solve my problem!

My onboard LAN port was crashed yesterday. Also from some month ago when I start PC show these messages Flopy failed... Pres F1 to continue, and in Windows change my date/time.

Yesterday I buyed a new PCI LAN card and a new cmos battery. And I have put in same time two components. When I power on pc, nothing is displayed in monitor. Fans work. Hdd light all time display. DVD-rom all time make some trying to read.

Today I change cmos jumper pin for about 1-2 hours and replace to default, and the PC start, but with messages: Pres f1 to continue, and changed date/time. I work some time, I installed driver for LAN card who work ok, and power off pc. After 2-3 hours when I try to power on again the pc wont start, same issue!!!

Please help me!

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Was the old battery corroded? Make sure the battery holder is clean and test the battery. Make sure it is the same voltage as the original. Check that the battery is oriented correctly.

If you still have problems, some boards can be fitted with an auxiliary battery.

Good Luck

Do you have an external video card in your PC? Try to plug it out and use the built-in one. Hope this would be helpful.

Simply pull your Battery,,unplug the machine,wait about 30 seconds,,then re-seat the battery, plug your MONITOR into your default ONBOARD VGA port,,if onboard.and plug in your machine. Enter your BIOS (setup) and go to your floppy and disable it,,disable FLOPPY SEEK and it won't say that anymore.
Set the time and date, make sure you have your BOOT ORDER correct.
I usually keep mine set at 1st boot device ATAPI CD DVDROM 2nd device HDD 3rd removable or USB.
Check your CMOS battery they are usually 3 volts,,some are 5 volts,,you can destroy your board using the wrong one.
TIP: if you had a video card or another device plugged into the PCI slot you put the Lan card in,,it will most likely still try finding the previous device in that slot and will give you some issues at first.
TIP: do you get any system beeps? a beep code often refers to some BAD RAM.

my samsungr60 plus is fully charged but will not start up

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