So I got home from work yesterday and I went to get on my Laptop (Hp Pavilion dv6000) and it was off, so I attempted to turn it on, but nothing happened, except the blue service light flashed real quick under the lightning bolt.

I am assuming it has something to do with the power intake. I have always had a battery problem, but the laptop should be able to just run on the cord even if the battery is dead right?

Any help would be appreciated, and maybe and estimation on how much something like this would cost to fix.

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Have you tried removing the battery and getting power from the power cord?

The light that comes on when charging flashes when their is not enough power left in the battery. If the laptop can't run off AC then it may be a power issue.

i had the exact problem ...twice. it is the motherboard. i will cost around 300 bucks to fix it unless you can do it yourself or u have friends

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