hi everyone,

my laptop has a fan at the bottom, and recently it doesnt stop even for 2 secs,it is so noisy, I dont knw what is wrong with it, I tried to clean the dust but still have the same problem. It is quite annoying.

any ideas how to make it pause for 2 or 3 min?


Why would you want your fan to stop? If it stopped, your processor would fry.

Obviously you do not want to stop your fan.

Firstly make sure that the fan is free from dust and any blockages.

Then if it is annoying you can use a fan speed control programme.

HOWEVER NOTE: you are best to have the diagnostics programme for your system running so you can check if the fan is running fast enough to keep your system cool.

Fan speed controll programmes are available.

there are various versions available some work with other brands that are not listed



The first one is a generic one see disclaimer at

The second is a dell/and many others see disclaimaer at http://www.diefer.de/i8kfan/

Not every chipset has a speed control capability, but most of the newer ones do.

So I suspect that speedfan will help.

Philip Mc Donald

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