Previously, my computer was showing "No A: Drive Found" and also after POST the"NTLDR" file was missing. So I tried to repair it with one of my windows CD. The repairing reached to "Starting Windows" before choosing windows installation destination. Then the computer automatically restarted. Now it is not even POSTing. Please help. Thank you for your help in advance.

Love and Peace,

Look. There is no one set thing that could be wrong.

if your computer is under warranty, just send it in. If it isn't because you built it yourself or its been void due to time or tampering then go to step 2.

Check your memory. Take out both sticks and test them in another computer that you know is compatible and functioning.

remove your CMOS battery for 5 minutes just to be safe to see if it resets your BIOS. It looks like a giant watch battery sitting on your motherboard. If this gets your rig to start up and run bios, try to bood form your windows disc again. If the problem persists it's more than likely a faulty hard drive, or motherboard.

If none of this works It is more than likely your motherboard is fried the heck out. It happens. Especially if you buy packaged computers. There is a reason they only come with 1 and 2 year warranties. Its because they suck.

I just went through this with 2 separate computers. One of them, the company that made it went out of business in 2007. The other is a HP. The HP has a fried motherboard, and the china special has an onboard video problem.

If you don't have extra parts about the house to test with, DONT GO BUY THEM. It may not be the problem and then you have wasted your money. If you dont have someone you trust to do this without ripping you off, just go but another computer. Taking it to a pc repair place is not worth it half the time you pay so much in labor you could have just bought a new one anyway.

..reset your BIOS settings ( CMOS battery )!..i hope it helps!..^_^..