hey guys, me and the techs here are having a bit of an issue. We have a customers notebook. Old hardware but runs decent. It does not show the post screen when you turn it on. The cpu is fine, we tried multiple cpus so we know that isn't the issue. We checked the hdd the heat sink the cdrom, battery or d/c jack no issues with that.

every so often it will show the post but we were thinking its the ram. so we try different sticks of ram, somehow with new sticks the notebook boots up no problems, but to see if the old ram is shot we place the old back in and the computer boots up. when you turn the note book off and on a few times it will boot into the post screen then to windows or it wont show the post screen at all and just hang with a black screen. since the problem has been replicated multiple times we still cant find the underlying issue, I was wondering if any of you have a solution or have had this problem

and also when an external monitor is plugged in, its the same issue if the monitor wasn't there, either it boots or it doesn't and will or will not show the post screen

specs of the book is here:

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Does it give you the post beep when you don't see the post screen?

no beep no nothing, i just disassembled the whole notebook, found the cmos just below the keyboard. its been running on external power the whole time , i havent even tryed plugging in the battery. what i have now is that im in windows at the desktop, but only when the computer feels like it wont give a post screen doesnt even beep. and i am only limited to configure the bios with the least options avail

hmm do you get the Post beeps when you remove the RAM and boot?

i get no beeps, even when it boots into windows. I think i may have resolved the issue. I noticed before i disassembled everything i was in the bios, and setting up the configuration the bios locked and some weird brown artifacts cam up on the screen hard to read looked like a nasty horror piece where blood would come from behind a wall and write something. so i took everything apart and re-assembled all pieces including resetting the cmos and noticed that one of the ram sticks were bad and cause one of the many problems the notebook contained, very bad to be causing this issue. and it successfully boots to windows every time, but the odd thing is, is that the computer never beeps. really weird.

Maybe the speaker has gone bad.

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