Oscars 2010: Best Support in an Advert goes to the iPad knees

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The Oscars 2010 had something new to add to the usual media frenzy, glamorous dresses and A-list celebrities: an iPad advert. Yep, Apple opted to get the mainstream iPad marketing campaign well and truly off the ground by debuting the iPad TV advert during the 82nd Academy Awards. If there were an Oscar for Best Support in an Advert then the 'iPad knees' would surely have won it. Watching this advert you are struck by two things: one is just how great the iPad interface looks and how much you want one (I may have changed my mind on this one), the other is how awkward it looks to use, making much use of knees for support.

Steve Jobs will have missed it though, as he wasn't at home in front of the box to see the Oscars ceremony or the iPad advert. Not that I suspect he will care too much as he was at the Oscars instead, watching the movie Up collect no less than two Oscars. The cartoon won both Best Animated Feature Film and another for Music (Original Score). Jobs, of course, has a special interest in the Disney/Pixar movie as following the sale of Pixar to Disney he is actually the biggest Disney individual shareholder.

You can see the advert in full on YouTube but you'll have to wait until April 3rd if you want to introduce your knees, if not your business, to an iPad up close and personal yourself.

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