I finished putting together an Asus P6T system last night and started it up. It started fine and went through several re-boots as it downloaded new drivers. I shut it off and now it won't start.

The only thing I did this morning was to tie the power lines running to the CPU fan. They were loose and a little too close to the fan.

The "Reset" and "Power" lights on the mother board are on. I've checked the power conectors a few times, turned the power supply on and off, unplugged and replugged it, and checked to see that the power button on the front actually contacted the power switch.

What should I do now?


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Did you check if the cpu has come loose? Or the cpu fan?

CPU and fan are in place. I checked the fan connectors also.


When you press ‘power button’, does CPU fan spins? Can you hear any beep? If you can here any beep, then check that beep pattern with your motherboard document and diagnose the issue.

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