OK People

I have read the read this post first thing but my pc still wont post.

I have a epox EP-P4MKI MB
with Centrino 2.4Ghz 128/400
2 x 256 PC2100 DDR
Various drives and PCI cards.

Now I figured it must be the mainboard so ordered a new one from ebay. It arrived this morning so installed tonight. But still getting the same problems.

I have tried a differnt PSU removing all devices so just mainboard and processor but still i go nothing except power to the cpu fan, not even a beep.

Please help. I hope it's not the cpu but i think that this is where its going.

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sounds like all the dead cpu's ive delt with. I always think they are the mobo too but it ends up that its not the mobo but it is the cpu. I have reason to belive it is this in your case as well. Best of luck...


First of thanks Nizzy you confirmed what i was thinking.
Secondly. I went and bought a new Celeron D 2.8Ghz tonight. Also a new piece of PC3200 1Gb.
So I got home installed them and guess what. Still nothing.
I put the motherboard in a nother case I have and exactly the same. So now I have a new mainboard, processor, memory and it still wont post.
Really starting to frustrate me now.
I may have to take it in to work with me tomorrow and give it to the IT guys to have a look at, it's my last hope as this is getting an expensive paperweight..


wow thats really interesting. could it be a powercable or any other cables in the case? let me know what you end up discovering!

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