WRT54GS..I pluged 2 of my PC's useing cat5, what works great...I also have a ibm laptop running xphome useing a Linksys wirerless card..I cant get it to work/connect with the router..Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks

did you use WEP and connect via the lab top using the log SSID and wep address?

did you use WEP and connect via the lab top using the log SSID and wep address?

Thanks Sphyenx!

But i have no clue what your talking about..

Would that be some settings in my router??

Thanks Sphyenx!

But i have no clue what your talking about..

Would that be some settings in my router??


ok area 1 is the SSID, thats were you put in the type of connection that is set up like the MAIN computer. That screen shot is from a computer that is on wireless. Now what you should do is fill in AREA one with your SSID from the main computer when you set it up with your i think it is with with a linksys but im not sure. Ive been on netgear for a while.
for area 2 that is WEP, Wired Equivalent Privacy. it is a number that is given to you when you set up the router from the main computer, there will be 4 seperate keys use the one you feel best to remember. Any more more q's feel free to ask.

a few quick questions to start:
1) Is the card 802.11 A, B, or G? A will not work with that router
2) Is the card enabled on the laptop?
3) In XP advanced wireless settings, are you allowing to connect to non-preferred networks?
4) Are you allowing only encrypted networks in XP?
5) Do you get a bubble that it sees the wireless network? If so does it show packets sent but not recieved?

1) Have you logged into the configuration screen
2) Is the Wireless Network Mode on switched?
3) Is the SSID still "linksys"? Do you see it from the laptop? Have you tried configuring it manually?
4) Is the Wireless SSID still broadcasting?
5) Have you enabled MAC filtering?
6) Is Authentification Mode still set to auto?

I know i used a netgear screen shot, but a netgear set up is similar to a linksys because i have used them both. It should give the same idea.

1)Everything is G
3)Not sure were to look for that
4)not sure where that is either
5)I see it in network connections but it says its not connected

2)I dont see anything where it says that it is disabled
3)No i havent tried to set it up manually.Not sure if i could..
4)Not sure what you mean or where to look to see if it is
5)MAC filtering is disabled

Thanks for the help!

Yes, with my other pc, Its running to the router with cat5

with the laptop/notebook?

with the laptop/notebook?

Nooo, I'm online with my other pc, Not the laptop..I cant not get online with the laptop useing the wirerless internet card..

aLSO SOME OTHER THINGS, I keep get this popping up external exception E06D7363..

And, filter the MAC addresses is disabled and it says Wireless SSID Broadcast is enabled..

Also on the laptop when i go to network connections is see the internet card but it says not connected, Then if i click on the card it bring up a window asking me to choose a wireless network, Then in the window is says windows cant configure this wireless connection..Says some other chit to

Are you using Windows to manager your wireless connection?

If so, under your wireless settings, advanced, there is a check box for "connect to non-preferred networks" is that checked?

Is the profile/SSID on the laptop the EXACT same as the SSID in the router configuration page?

Did you follow the instuctions on how to install drivers etc?

Yes, followed all the instuctions..

Tried to reinstall about 20 times, Even went and got the drivers from linksys site..

Two times while i was reinstalling i was able to connect for a few sec's then it would lose the connection..

I think its the laptop(windows xp) is haveing the problem not the router, But what the hell do i know!!

This is driving me nuts:mad:


I am experiencing the exact issue. Please let me know if you get any additional information. My info is listed.

MACHINE: Compaq Evo N1020V
OS: Windows XP Pro with SP2

NOTES: I had previously used a DLINK card and uninstalled it. I then installed the new card and the Device Manager indicated that the card is working
properly. However, when I try to refresh my network list, I get a reccuring error "External Exception E06D7363", I tried calling Linksys and they simply said that the card was working and that it was an OS (unreleated) issue.

Once, I briefly saw the available networks but when I tried I tried to connect to one, I got the error again.




I'm getting the same error message. Linksys is absolutely NO help and told me to search the web for answers.

I have a friend who's an IT support. She said try removing the encryptions and putting up a firewall - even though the software says to remove it.

I'm going to try this and see if the problem gets resolved. If not I'm going to the Geek Squad.


I have sort-of solved my version of the issue. There seems to be
some issues with the wireless mgmt software that is included with
the card. I am simply using windows to config my wireless settings. To
so this (OS: Windows XP Pro - SP2) I do the following.

1) Right click on the wireless icon in the system tray and select "View
Available Wireless Networks"

2) I then select the "Change the Order of Preferred Networks" option.

3) A dialog box is displayed, select the Wireless Network tab. Note, if the
Linksys wireless mgmt software is running, sometimes this tab does
not appear. You will need to stop the Linksys software first.

4) From the Wireless Tab select the "Use Windows to Configure My Wireless
Network Settings" check box. Save the changes and it should work.

A couple of notes.

- I am in no way a systems or network guru ---- this is just what worked for
my --- if anyone can elaborate, I welcome the input.

- I am having an issue stopping the Linksys software from auto-starting.
It is a bit of a pain to have to stop the software before inserting the card.

- The "Use windows to Configure Wireless Settings" option does not
seem to be persistent between sessions (i.e., I need to recheck it
everytime I insert my wireless card).

Hope this helps!!


I would back off of all the security (WEP) and just try to get the wireless notebook connected without anything interfering.

Just go into your router settings and set everything to off. Load the CD into your notebook and run it from scratch, without setting anything. If you donĀ“t set any security up in the beginning, you should get a connection. Then you can fiddle with control of the net.

"Two times while i was reinstalling i was able to connect for a few sec's then it would lose the connection.. "

change the channel which the router is sending its signal on...
if applicable, then also change the adhoc channel in your wireless network card properties. but the most important is to change the sending channel on the router, the radio channel is probably being interfered... even though it may look as if you have a good reception it can be interfered..

another thing can also be that if your security settings on the router is WEP then the same thing can also happen, you enter password connect for a few but then nothing happens. best security so far is to only allow the known network cards (mac addresses) to the router...

OK I had the same problem. Reinstalled several times with no luck. I finally did this and it worked. I'm sorry I don't know exacty which steps fixed the problem.

Reconfigured LinkSys router for no encryption and no security.
Used the LinkSys uninstall program to uninstall the driver and utility.
Removed wireless lan card.
Disabled other hardwired LAN card.
Shut down machine and removed the battery.
Powered up.
Installed LinkSys driver and utility from the CD.
Powered down and removed battery.
Powered up.
Installed LinkSys wireless LAN card.

I think the problem was that a corrupted file was being held open and was not being uninstalled completely by the earlier uninstalls. It is also possible that the LAN card must not be in the machine while the drivers are being installed or before the machine has re-booted.


This problem seems to the all over the web and from what I've seen it happens when you use the Linksys software with a WEP key. Unfortunately most people (like me) want security and need a WEP key to feel safe. I already found that other security settings on my router could not stop people from just slipping on to my network. Unfortunately my Linksys Wireless G notbook adapter does not offer the WEP key setting when I view the advanced properties for my card in the device manager. I think what is needed to get through this problem is one of 2 things: 1) Linksys write their WLAN Monitor software or 2) Rewrite their drivers to include WEP on the Advanced tab of the adapters properties page.

I had the Linksys card with no WEP, infr mode, ch6 - all the defaults, working for a long long time and never saw this error until we had some other network trouble and I reset tcp/ip in WinXP. In older versions of Windows, you could just remove and add it back from the Network properties page, well, if you're in IT and maybe have tried in XP, you'll see that you can't. So, the resolution from MS is this: Start->run and type "netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt" You'll see this does a great job of resolving some advanced networking problems, but my Linksys G card started throwing this error ever since. I haven't been back to try it on my network, but from what I've read here, i won't be able to connect. I just joined and replied because I see some replies going way down the wrong path. I think it's going to be a remove and reinstall fix, I may have to take all the linksys keys out of the registry before reinstalling too, not sure yet, but it doesn't have anything to do with my WEP or my router settings, I can tell you that for sure. I'll post when I find a definite solution. (next week after I get home)
Heh, cheers, bkibbeeg (junior poster) :p

WRT54GS..I pluged 2 of my PC's useing cat5, what works great...I also have a ibm laptop running xphome useing a Linksys wirerless card..I cant get it to work/connect with the router..Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks

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I need some help here....I just got my linksys 'g' and when I tried to make my laptop go secure with my desk top, it is telling me that the bits are not compatible....Anyone have any suggestions on making the bits compatible so I can go secure?