Recently built machine that was working before being transported into a new case. The problem is that when we press the power button, the fans twitch and then nothing happens. Keyboard and LAN both show that power is being received, yet the system will not start up.

Thanks. If more information is needed, I will gladly give it.

this sounds like a loose connection or a bad motherboard/psu.

can you supply more information on the exact specs of your machine and what you were doing prior to it refusing to POST. this may shed a little light on the error. The refusal usually leads me to believe that there may be a motherbaord error or a power supply problem. Do you have another power supply of which you can test on the machine and possibly another motherboard too. If you have a working second machine this will prove useful as you should be able to swap out the power supply from that one into your dead machine. try this and see if it works - ensuring that your connections are all secure. :)

post back to me with the results

Most likely the result of the way front panel connectors have been attached to the motherboard. It could also be the result of a different configuration of fans etc in the new case. Reset CMOS,check the motherboard front panel connectors and try again.