Hi !
Laptop Toshiba M35-S3592, 256ram, Nvidia Fx 5200go, laptop is more than 2 years old.
That is what I am getting ! It is screen shot
Problem started after I have intalled alternative Nvidia Drivers, since toshiba's original drives didn't allow me to play my games. The day following installation, everyting went good, no problems (by the way, I don't blame guys who made alternative drives, it might be their fault, but I can' blame them and it seems that for people who use them have no problems)

So, the day after installation everything went good. Games run well.

Next day while I was playing the game, blue screen poped with bunch of numbers, and system restated it self ...... but here is what strange !!! It restarted itself into a black screen, it made noise as usual, like a normal start-up. Toshibas advice, was to hold power button for 1min and to disconnet power source and take off the battery. Done it !System booted up normally, without any troubles. I de-installed alternative drives and installed original drivers.

Initially i got the impession that it might be .......Virus, or some other "crap". So I have reinstalled system using Toshibas Recovery CD. Didn't help.

No, I can't work more than 5 minutes.......I am getting more and more of those colored lines.

Did you reformat you laptop? It may be in order- it would deffinately rule out the virus issues if thats the case.

Are you using the laptop on your lap, or on a desk? Any sort of a display issue like that is usually linked to grapics... Try letting your laptop cool down all the way then booting it as normal on a hard surface. There are new NVidia drivers you can get that test the temp. of the video card. If its anything over, hmm probably 50 degrees or so- then overheating could verywell be your issue

Hi ! Thanks for reply.

I didn't pay attention, but I think my cooler is dead :)
That is why when it is everything cool, everything works good; it takes just couple minutes for laptops to get hot.........after its gets hot lines appears.

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