Hey everyone,

My computer (nvidia fx480) is experiencing some pixelation. At random times (haven't noticed a pattern) my monitor (HP 2509m) will show green pixels in darker areas on the screen. Usually refreshing the background image or something similar with correct this, but I'd really like to get it fixed. Any ideas? I've tried updating the drivers already.

The only time I have seen that problem was with a faulty graphics card. Replacement was the cure!

Your graphics card is artifacting. This can be caused by a couple things.

1) loose connections (check the connection to the graphics card and the monitor)
2) bad cable
4) low power to the card
3) bad card

Post the manufacturer of the parts you list so we can better help. There were a few bad batches from a couple companies. The most common cause is a loose connection though.

A technique I'm sure many people have read before, but you explain it very well and very few steps so it will be useful for those who have experienced the problem dreaded pixelation.

It is an effect caused by displaying a bitmap in computer graphics. It is the display of a digitized image where the individual pixels are apparent to a viewer.