After I left my notebook for a few hours today and I came back, I went to my browser and when I tried typing in the address bar, the digit 5 suddenly just kept typing and typing by itself. Since then everytime I type something, a string of 5's just keep typing by itself. Sometimes it suddenly stops and everything is fine but then suddenly the 5's just come back. Its not just that, ive noticed my shift button does not work so i cannot capitalise my letters using it, but like the 5 problem, this issue happens sometimes only. I realise how funny this is, but its making it impossible for me to do anything on my laptop. Is it a hardware problem? I've restarted my computer and ran a virus check, but nothing changes. :evil: :evil: :evil:

It sounds like you either have damaged or sticky keys. You can try cleaning the keyboard (very hard to do with laptops). It may be that the keyboard is actually damaged. There's very little you can do to repair such damage other than replacing the keyboard itself.