For about the same cost, I can get either the previous version G5dp 2.0, or the current G5dp 2.0. The difference is in the max RAM slots (8GB max vs 4GB max) and the 64MB video card vs 128MB. I do graphics with big files (no video) using PShop and NDesign. Is the older machine with more RAM a better bet than the newer one? (I just don't know if the newest G5 dp has any other added features that are not apparent to the lay user.



The question is, will you ever need that much RAM, to which I would respond, probably not. You can get easily get away with 1GB or 2GB of RAM. If you need up to 4GB, so be it, but that's a TON of RAM. Will you ever need more? I'd be shocked if you did.

I would say that you should be spending your money on the one with the 128MB video card. And since that's probably the new Mac, I'd even splurge for the 256MB video card.

Thanks. I do handle Pshop files up to 500MB, as well as InDesign layouts up to 6' x 8'. I would like to use this machine for many years, and since RAM demands continue to grow, more seemed better than less. However, is the faster video card important to graphic design use? maybe it is more critical.



I look at it this way.. people have been fiddling with PhotoShop files that large when the RAM max was 2GB. I would think a Mac with a much faster subsystem and 2x the RAM would be fantastic. But I'm also a Mac support professional, not a design person, so anything I say should be taken with a grain of salt.

I know there are plenty of design professionals at you might want to ask the same question there and see what reaction you get.


I would think that your world would be happy at the 4 GB level, unless you were interested in setting up a RAM disk, and keeping a lot of materials within it. RAM Disks are very very fast (the speed of RAM!), with the danger that if you loose power to the computer... the content within the RAM disk goes away too. I used to use RAM disks with OS 9... my OS X box does not have enough RAM for me to make a useful one and find out.

I do have a RAM disk on my Linux box that is used for small temporary files. I also liked using the RAM disk for internet temp / cache files and cocookies that I love to see crumble at the fate of the power cord.