I just built a computer with the turbo key ll and core unlocker. I have already oc the thing to 3.7 without turning these on but was wondering how the turbo key and core unlocker work??? Anyone care to tell me a little bit about it? Would I be better to turn these on? Thanks.

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Turbo key allows you to overclock the system by flipping a switch on the motherboard instead of going in to the BIOS, or using software.
IMO, overclocking from within the BIOS is the better option as you have a far wider range of options to choose from.
Unlocker is pointless in your case as you already have a 6 core processor and there are no other cores to unlock.
Some AMD processors are triple or quad cores that have been crippled to a dual core because one or two of the cores never passed testing. When using unloacker, you can get lucky and end up with all cores running.

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