Hi Guys,

I recently started having freeze up issues with my ram (half of it anyway)

I immediately took out the modules and found that a pair of them are at fault

So, I proceeded to send them back to corsair, Got an RMA and all the rest of it...

Then I got my replacements back, but guess what - the same problem!

I am at a loss as to why this is happening..!

Its 8GB i had in my system, and 4GB (2x2GB) pair of modules is the problem ram.

so currently im on 4GB.

My first thoughts when the replacement ram also had an issue, was that perhaps the RAM slot is where the problem lies, on the Motherboard, but after having moved the OK Ram in to those slots, its still, absolutely fine.

The details of my system and ram are:

RAM: Corsair XMS2 6400 800Mhz

Motherboard: Asus P5B Wireless solo AP

CPU: Intel Duo Core E6600 2.4Ghz

Hope someone can help!

Many thanks in advance.

have you tried using a RAM test utlity? there's hiren's boot cd it has an option to check your memory module..or you can try memtest86...



Thanks for the tip,

I have tried using the memory test built in to vista, and it doesnt show up with any errors :s

I have memtest86 but i honestly dont know how to use that particular one,

Whats odd though, is that despite having gotn a "replacement pair" from corsair, the problem happens the same?

Thanks in advance.

I am assuming you have a 64-bit version of windows and your motherboard supports it?

Did you try both of the new sticks by themselves or one at once?

Is there possibly an ECC/Non-ECC RAM issue? i.e. the PC is non-ECC and the troublesome RAM is ECC?

Also did you try shorting the CMOS pins and let the configuration find its own POST state? You'll be surprised at how often this sort of thing gets sorted out this way.

hi guys,

Here is a link to the Ram I have:


I have tried using just one of the two bad ram chips (both individually) and it still has the same issue,

My version of windows vista HP is the 64bit version, which as I understand allows more than 4GB, so that should be ok,

It did actually work perfectly well for at least a couple of months before having issues,

In terms of trying things with the CMOS, i havnt gone that far just yet, but if anyone feels that might be something to try, i dont mind giving it a shot

However, i do feel a little aprehensive about that as if it goes wrong any further, i wont be able to post it on here!! lol Im sure itd be ok tho..

I wish i had two different ram chips to try it with, then I would know for sure that its the RAM chips they sent back as a replacement, im wondering if they may have simply sent back the erroneous ones i sent them! ..surely not tho?

Thanks again guys,
I look forward to your help

hi guys,

Here is a link to the Ram I have:


I look forward to your help

Ah - I think I see what might be happening. The memory you've bought is 4-4-4 SPD timing and I believe your ASUS mobo needs 5-5-5 timing. I've not researched the effect differences (noting that it worked for some months). Attached is the memory compatibility list for your mobo; what you've bought isn't on that list.

Does that make sense?

Ah.. Ok now thats interesting...

I had no idea that my mobo had such specific requirments,

Thanks for taking the time to look at that, I really appreciate it,

What I am still wondering though.. is that if thats the case,

How come the 4GB i have left in there, are still working fine, and also.. if I were to buy the correct 5-5-5 SPD, would that work with the 4GB i have at the moment?

In other words, Id like (if at all possible) to avoid having to buy a whole new 8GB set for obvious reasons, and if I can get a better 4GB set to add thatd be brilliant.

I admit, the RAM timings etc, is not something I know much about, and its not something ive ever had anything to do with before,:$

For me, its always just been about the speed the ram runs at, and the capacity! lol

Any advise on what the next step should be, would be fantastic,

So Ideally, i want to end up with 8GB of RAM, which i wont have any troubles with :)

You could download and run CPU-Z from www.cpuid.com

Damn fine software. On the Memory tab, you will see the speed at which your RAM is actually running (DRAM Frequency). Below that number you will see a set of 4 clocks. The top 3 are of interest.

If your current DRAM Frequency is 266 MHz then the three numbers would be 4-4-4. This equates to DDR2 speed in your mobo specs of 533MHz.

If your current DRAM Frequency is 333 MHz then the three numbers would be 5-5-5. This equates to DDR2 speed in your mobo specs of 667MHz.

If your current DRAM Frequency is 400 MHz (or 399) then the three numbers would be 6-6-6. This equates to DDR2 speed in your mobo specs of 800MHz.

In your BIOS you should be able to set the DDR2 speed to one of the options allowed for the P5B mobo. You could try the new memory at 533 MHz (266 MHz DRAM Frequency) if you can be arsed.

To avoid mis-timings, your new memory should match the old and if you've got the PC running for 5-5-5 and the RAM is specified for 4-4-4 you can expect issues.

I hope I'm right. It is something you can play with before buying new RAM.


Cheers for that, Ive used that software once before, a long long time ago, its a nifty piece of programming for sure! :)

Ive installed that and had a look, and the details are as follows:

Channels: Single
DRAM Frequency: 400Mhz
FSB: DRAM: 2:3
CAS# Latency (CL): 5.0 Clocks

Tinkering around with the RAM Clock speeds is a new step for me if im honest, Ive played around with CPU overclocking in the past, but other than that, im a bit new to this!

I wonder.. (stop me if im wrong) is it possible for me to change the settings in the bios to have my ram run slower so as to run smoothly and match the Mobo specs required?

if it was a lower ram timing value than the mother board supports, then I guess it cant be increased at all, but to lower it should be possible right?

Hope that makes sense.

If you set the DRAM frequency to a lower value, then faster capable RAM will behave itself. I was surprised to see your supplied 5-5-5 RAM operating at 400MHz DRAM frequency - but I confess not to be the fullest expert on this. It strikes me that the DRAM frequency at 400 MHz is an overclocked value. I could be wrong.

In the BIOS, you can go to the Advanced tool and change the DRAM Frequency to 533. I suggest you put the 4-4-4 RAM in (leaving the "good" RAM out; boot to BIOS, change the setting; reboot and see what happens. It ought to work.

Check the Memory Voltage setting; I recommend you use the Auto setting. When/if you mix RAM, do make sure that the voltage settings of the RAM used are the same.

Let us know.

How's this one going, Danniboy?

Hi Suspicio,

Sorry I havnt got back to you,

Unfortunately i havnt had the chance just yet to action any of your suggestions, Ive been really busy with work related issues holding me back.. :(

Will keep the thread open as I do hope to do this pretty soonish, and will let you know what happens. (4GB feels so slow to me now! lol)

All the best for now,

Hey there suspicio/everyone else :)

Today has been a day of work on my PC, ive arranged days off to get this sorted, im using my PC for a wedding gig this weekend and needed it sorted out.

I have both good news, and bad (mostly good..)

Ill start with the bad..

I tried what you said suspicio and had a look in the bios... however, on inspection i saw that its actually marked as auto in terms of the frequency, and I would therefore have thought it would adjust itself accordingly :s

Also.. the other options were for 533 onwards, so i wasnt sure really if i should try changing anything there at all, especially given to the fact i dont know much about it all, and if it made things worse it wouldnt help for the weekend gig! :)

Theres also a detail that im not sure if i mentioned, both pairs of RAM that i have (2x2GB) are the same model (corsair XMS2 DHX) they are the same speed ram and should I thought have been compatible with eachother :s so im still at a loss as to why it had problems..

Anyway, on with the GOOD news :D

I have bought a brand new 1.5TB Harddrive (lotta breathing space there!), and have installed a new copy of vista HP on it, and I am pleased to report that, on this copy of windows using this harddrive, I am having ZERO problems with the ram :D (normally it would freeze up within 2 hours if not within the first 5mins of booting in) and ive so far been using it for about 24hours.

So on that basis, I really havnt a clue why on the old harddrive it wasnt working with the ram.

One thing i did change in the bios was put it from auto, to auto N.O.S (i cant remember exactly what that does but i believe it puts the PC in charge of overclocking if heavy loads are encountered) I dont think thats made any difference anyway lol

So there you have it, it appears to be solved after reinstalling windows on a new harddrive.

Was it my old harddrive?? surely not :s ...so baffled by the whole thing as when i took out half of the ram it was fine as you know. but now im pleased to be back on 8GB!

Id also like to say a big thank you for all of your help, youve been great.

Incidentally, if you have any other theories as to whats gone on, id be glad to hear them! incase this ever happens again (hopefully not!!)