Hi all,

I own a Dell Optiplex GX260, and my computer started acting up a few days ago, not wanting to boot to BIOS. So I played around and figured out that one of my RAM sticks went bad (I had 2x 512 DDR - PC2100).

So, I decided that this would be a good time to upgrade my RAM and started looking to what's compatible with my motherboard.

Now, when I went to Dell's website and looked for RAM that's compatible, it showed a Dell memory with the following specs: DDR PC3200 - NON-ECC Unbuffered.

This RAM is fairly expensive in Europe... or should I say I can find other sticks much cheaper. If I find a different RAM with the same specs, will it be compatible?

Also, would memory with frequency of PC2700 work as well? Again, logically, it's in the frequency range between the old (PC2100) and the new (PC3200).


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Guys I'm going to bump this thread. I have the exact same scenario as the OP. I need new ram for my Optiplex GX260 as well.

Not sure what OP was saying. As far as I can tell the original Mobo included with the GX260 cannot support anything above DDR 2100, or am I wrong?

Here is the original documentation with the system, as far as memory:

Thanks for any help!

Yes sorry I haven;t replied, the RAM with the higher frequency should clock down to the maximum supported frequency of your motherboard.

The reason DDR RAM is so expensive is due to the fact that they are no longer mass produced as all new computers are using DDR2 or DDR3 RAM.

You can convert your PC to a DDR2 Dual-Core system for around £160 from novatech (http://novatech.co.uk/) this is an english company if this will cause any isues. But I am sure there are more european companies similar to novatech.

I also have a Dell Gx 260 and I was very much able to install 2x512 pc2700 ram with absolutely no problems at all system noticed and accepted new ram without a hitch one.

I dont think that was the type of ram to install in the computer and second if this is a gx260 isnt that a pentium 4 processor system this the speed should be pc2100 not 2700

yes the gx260 system is rated for the 266mhz pc 2100 ram.

But I installed 2x512 333mhz pc2700 in my gx260 machine without a
problem or hitch one.

And you can install up to 2gb ram 1gbx2 of pc2700 ram

i got dell gx 260 mini tower with ddr now its very difficult to find ddr rams so can i change my ddr to ddr2???

i got dell gx 260 mini tower with ddr now its very difficult to find ddr rams so can i change my ddr to ddr2???

answer is quite simply, no, sorry
were do you live ,as it should not be hard to find ddr ram .most computer store still carry[around me anyway ] it or will order you some in

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