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Hi. Restart your computer, press F8 several times while POST is running and before IDE/drives detection completes.
- On the Windows Advanced Options Menu,
*** select Last Known Good Configuration and press Enter. If Windows loads, all is well. If it does not load then restart it, and using F8 again..
*** select Safe Mode with Command Prompt and press Enter.
- If given the option select your Microsoft Windows XP and press Enter.
- Log in by using your account if an administrator, otherwise use the Administrator account and password. NOTE: The password is blank by default unless you set a password.
-press Yes to bypass System Restore.
=See if you can run chkdsk command successfully in Safe Mode:
chkdsk c: /f -it will ONLY run on reboot.


I tried running it in safe mode but the screen stays on a "multidisk0" command. I was thinking about just upgrading my computer to Windows 7. Do you think my computer would be able to upload it given the current state it's in?


i think your Operating System is corrupted... Try to upgrade a new OS

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