hi there.. i have a few question about my pc..
..i have bought a AMD athlon processor and SMI motherboard K9N6PGM2..RAM 2gig.. (sata system),
..i bought this item to replace it to my older pc which is IDE system,
..i replace the older processor,motherboard, and ram with the new,
.. when i start my pc, i cannot load to window..
..i suspect that because my older hardisk which is 80g is EDI system cannot join with my new motherboard SATA sysytem
.. it because when i replace my EDI hardisk to my friend hardisk which is SATA system, my pc work properly and can load to window
..my question is,,
1) did i need a new SATA hardisk to make my pc work?
2) can i use SATA connector to my older EDI hardisk for my new motherboard?
..please help me guru!!!


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First off it's IDE not EDI, Does the mother board have an IDE slot some have both if it does then you can boot the IDE drive but you will have to re-load windows to update all the drivers to that computer. The best thing is just get a sata drive load windows then copy any data you need off the old IDE drive. You can get sata to IDE converts too if you want to keep that drive inside as a backup drive


1) so i can continue use my old ide hardisk? (wanna save cost)
2) did i need to buy sata connector to make my pc wors with my old ide hardisk?
3) and lastly i need to format my pc if i can load to my window?

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