I Have recently got a new cpu ( Socket 7 ). I have had no trouble istalling it, but it is a 500mz cpu, and it is only running at 350 mz, i think it is something to do with the dip switch settings, my old cpu was a 300mz cpu. i tried downloading the manuel for the motherboard, but my computer crashes when ever i try. I have a gigabyte GA-5SMM motherboard, with a 64mb RAM card, and two 32mb RAM cards.

I want to get it running at 500mz, but i dont know how.

Please help.


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I don't think anybody can help you without the online manual. Have you tried to access it using a friend's computer? You can also print it wthout downloading it.

Have you tried to update the BIOS, you may need to support the newer processor.

Thanks, its finally working now

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