I have a Medion MD5000 computer that I removed the CPU (I've done this 100's of times and never had a problem) well i do now. I replaced the CPU and my computer turns on the HDD, CD/DVD, Video Card all have power, but the monitor, mouse, keyboard and anyother connections I have won't turn on. I took all cards out unplugged everything and started over, still the same thing. But wait it gets better...I actually have two of the same computers, so I decided I would take the CPU out of the other computer and install it on the one that wouldn't boot, same thing. I reistalled the CPU on the 2nd computer and now I have the same problem with both computers. Does anyone have a solution or know what the problem might be? These are extra computers I have but I'd like to get them fixed so I can give one away.

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Verify same CPU FSB clock speed.
Verify full Model Number
Clear CMOS in both

a P4 2.2/512/400 cannot be replaced with a P4 2.8/512/533 <<< last number is FSB

Every time try to close down my Medion computer - it will not close down but insists that it needs to down load some upgrades. It does it every time even though I am on line long enough for it to have done it already. Any suggestions?

I have a problem with Medion Computer.
Message reads Disk boot failure. When I put in the support disk and try to reboot, message says Disk boot failure continuously? Can anyone help?

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