Help! Am building new system for my mother and she wants to limit cost so would lkie to use her old grapics card listed in title. Can anyone please tell me if this card will work on Epox 8KDA3J mb? Thought I saw when I ordered board that requires 1.5v graphics card, yet I can't seem to find anywhere that tells me the voltage of this card. Any help is apprecated!

Chances are that TNT2 will be limited to AGP2X, which means a voltage of 3.3V. I wouldn't use the card!

thanks for the reply. On closer inspection, AGP slot is different on mb vs. old card and won't fit anyway. If looking at pins/slot on mb, the "key" is closer to left (from back of computer). AGP slot looks like this:
---------ll---------------------- on mb, and opposite on video card like this: ---------------------------ll---------. Is this how I can tell, for instance without knowing anything about card specs, that it is the new standard of 1.5v?

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