Hello there, everyone! Anyway, to the point: a friend of mine just bought a computer (a clone) and after three days of use, something weird happened. Once his computer reaches the Windows XP login screen, a prompt appears stating that Windows can't find Explorer. Also, it suggests that one reinstalls Explorer. After my friend manages to log on, he's taken to his desktop, where the only thing he can see is his background, that's it: no icons, no Taskbar, nada. So, does anyone know what might be up? Since it is my friend's computer, I don't know its specs, but if they should be necessary, I could call him.

Thanks in advance.

Have to tried to copy a new explorer.exe file?


Windows Explorer is essentially the face of the Windows environment.

The reason you don't see anything after booting is because Explorere.exe is either corrupt or missing. You'll need to boot the computer into the Windows Setup using the Windows CD. Once you reach the main screen, attempt to enter the Windows Recovery Console (most likely by pressing "R"). Once there, you'll need to run the following command: sfc /scannow. This command will find/replace any corrupt and/or missing system files; i.e. replacing the Windows Explorer.exe. This command will not move, alter, or change any data other than system files.

Once complete, remove the Windows CD and reboot the machine. Walla.


Thank you everyone for help with the topic. My friend is already in the process of restoring Explorer.exe. Again, thanks to everyone for your help.

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