I have recently formatted my hard drive because it was beyond rescue.

i installed windows xp professional on it and now cannot seem to install the 'video controller' (vga compatble). I cannot identify the make of it and so am not abler to go direct to the manufacturers website and download the drivers!! its driving me mad!!!

got the same problem with my audio controller!!

can somebody please please help!!

an email would be better for me cos i get lost around these sites!!

thanks people!!!

Is it an onboard-video controller? If it is, search the website of the mainboard's manufacturer for drivers. There you should also find drivers for an onboard audio-controller.

If it is an AGP/PCI video card, check the card itself for all sort of labels/numbers/keys written on it, and then use Google.

an email would be better for me cos i get lost around these sites!!

You get your Email, because you are subscribed to this thread. If you get lost, use bookmarks.


av sorted that now thnaks very much!!

HOWEVER.......now my sound controllers wont install!!!!

i think its a 'mpu-401' version 5.0 driver that i need does that sound right?!

standard stuff i think!!

please can u help!!!

Like pcschrottie said, find out if you have onboard sound (are the speaker outputs located in a expansion card slot or are they clustered around the PS2/USB/printer ports?). Is your PC a brand name jobbie, and if so what is the model number?

If you have an onboard solution then identifying your motherboard will allow you to pick out the sound card drivers. Something like CPU-Z will pick it out, or Everest which will identify nearly anything.