hey i have a maxtor.., its now outta warranty
whenever i boot it.. it works fine
then after about 5-7 hours
it just makes all these noises then like
it freezes
and freezes my computer
is it a problem with the hard drive?
what do i do?
would formatting it help?

The hard drive is failing. You can DL maxblast from www.maxtor.com and diagnose the drive, but I guarantee its failing. Check your event logs too. I just lost two maxtor drives in the last two weeks that were 5 years old. Just buy another HD that isn't Maxtor.

Best of luck

so theres nothin i can do to save my baby?

Hi AXmichigan,
Ghostmark is correct.
Unfortunately there's PROBABLY nothing left to do but give it a decent burial with honors. :sad:

If you keep using it it will degrade to where all data could be lost. I would just get another one and thank it for it's years of service.

Sorry for your loss.

i tested the maxtor via the diagnostic test and it said tat it was all fine
so should i not be worried or anythin?
i just moved all my files onto anoter hdd
do u guys think its safe to retry the hdd?
or should i be cautious or somethin..
i put it inside a fan case thing just to watch over it

I would maybe try it as a back up drive if you want but if its making noise that is an indicator that it is close to the end. Just dont use it as the master drive and back up what ever you put on it. It will fail soon, the noise is a definate indicator.

Good Luck

well it was like a sound
just before it died it sounds liek it does when its booting up
it doesnt sound that way all the time
just before it dies.. ive kept it unplugged
maybe the fan was a good idea...
but is that the same sound ur referring to?

Are you sure the sound you hear is not the cpu fan going bad and the lockup is related to the cpu overheating and not the hard drive?

Have you checked the cpu temp in cmos or with monitoring software?

well i have the hdd in a case
an external fan case
and its def the hdd that made the noise.. i havent plugged it in yet
i though tid be fine cuz im coolin it
maybe i just had it on too much and didnt cool enuf
cuz i got the case recently
would it fix?

I your hardrive is doing all of this then every one is right, the drive is going to die soon,
just look for a utitlity called UltimateBootDisk and under the options for hardisk's choose the hitachi fitness test and make sure u choose the advanced one, this test boots from the cd at startup