I put the disc in, but burning programs or pc will recognise that it is in there. It plays on my dvd player though as a dvd-movie.

Can anyone help suggest why or a program which will identify it?


are you trying to burn a dvd or watch a burnt dvd.

this would apply if you are trying to burn a dvd im not sure if it does to watching one unless it is the same drive. make sure the format of the dvd recordable is the same as your computers drive, there is dvd+r and dvd-r and dvd burners are either one of them or both. it usually says on the face of the drive.

Checked the specs for my dvd rewriter & it can support both - & +r discs, so my pc & burning/ripping programs should recognise my discs.

yeah it should it is strange, that is about the extent of my knowledge of like why a disc wouldnt work, other than that on like regular dvd players sometimes it is not in a certain region but i have no idea if that applies to computers.

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