Ok, i build my own computer:
ASUS p4800SE mobo HT
p4 3.0GHz 800FSB HT w/heatsink
1 GB PC3200 RAM
80GB Seagate 7200RPM
Onboard LAN
2x80mm fans

and my POWER SUPPLY is 550w power magic psu!

My computer has been running for about almost a week and everything was running fine until tonight. I wanted to install and sound card: Creative labs sound blaster audigty 2 and when i turned on my computer it said CMOS Settings Wrong. Like i guess the bios got resetted somehow, i dunno. So it booted up fine and got to the desktop and then all the sudden my computer just turned off!!! I press the ON button and nothing worked! I unplugged everything in back replugged it back in, NOTHING again! I took the sound card out and plugg all the wires in the right places and nothing powers up! The PSU makes a hissying sound of some sort when i plug in the power cord to the psu and it stops when I unplug it! IS MY PSU DEAD!????? :evil: HELP !!!!! I would appreciate it grealty..........I'm new to the personal computer building thing.


Sure sounds like a dead power supply to me.

Hope it didnt take other things with it...

Can I ask if you used thermal grease between your heat sink and cpu

Did you ever check the cmos and look at the cpu temp?

I have used every make model brand or leftover...
No preference here.

:?: Ok, I opened up my computer and unplugged the power connector to the motherboard and replugged it back in and then the motherboard light went on! And then it went off like 5 secs later. And then I tried it again, unplugged the connector to the mobo and plug it back in and the light on the mobo was on........and I turned on my computer and the fans were running and the computer was on! (by the way, i was fixing my computer from on my bed, while doing all of this) so anyway, I put the computer back on my desk and plug the power cord back in and nothing happens!!! I unplugg it and plug it back in and i turn on my computer and the inside of the computer works,lights up and fans are going. I only have the power supply cord connected, nothing else (mouse,kb,video card cord connected), So I plug those back in and plug the PS cord in and the computer doesnt turn on! I unplug everything and plug the PS cord in and computer won't turn on. Its like the basic routine over and over! I think my Power supply might be shorted out or something! But i mean the computer was on! so, i think its the power supply.........what do you guys think..........??? :!: :?:

help again........

I have seen this once or twice.

If you accidentally get the mouse and keyboard switched it will do exactly what you have happening to you there.

If nothing else hook it up without those two and see if you have any display

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