I was trying to install a new video card and the manual said to remove any previously installed drivers. I did so but I think it removed the onboard video driver as well. Now when I start my PC one monitor stays in sleep mode and another monitor says there is no connection, then goes into sleep mode. I can't install the new video card now since I can't access a single thing on my PC. I can't even restore the onboard video card. Is there anything I can do to fix it? Can I maybe restore my PC to factory settings without being able to use my video cards, and would that even work if I could?

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When you restart the computer does it beep (I think three times) if so then this indicates that the start up tests cannot find a video card / driver and cant show anything. However if you add a PCI type video card it should automatically insstall the driver and be usable to find any other faults.

I think my PC reinstalled the on board video card because it started working again, but I have another PC with what seems to be the same problem. It has no on board video card, just an Nvidia GeForce 6600 SE (PCI-E). I get no video out of it and it was given to me so I'm not sure what caused it. I have tried resetting the CMOS and i can't locate a dipswitch inside. I read about resetting by holding the power button while unplugged, did nothing. I have made sure everything was securely connected and tried multiple monitors. I have an old ATI 9250 PCI card and tried plugging it up but to no avail. I looked over the motherboard but there was no discernable damage anywhere. It's super clean and all the connections are clear and appear to be working. When i turn on the CPU all fans work and the lights come on. There is no beeping at all. I am beginning to run out of ideas as to what might fix it. Thanks for the reply.

In circumstances like this one has to make assumptions like you have tried safe mode etc.
I would like to suggest trying to boot the machine from a CD and not from the hard disk. using a linux or similiar will allow the machine to use the driver from the CD and that will prove if it is a driver problem. If it cant make a picture on screen from a boot cd then it is definately an electrical fault. (either MOBO or card

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