I have a refurbished Tosiba Tecra 8100 running Windows 2000, about five years old, that just stopped booting up. (Actually, I have twin computers- with the exact same problem!) I'll hit the power button and it seems to make an effort- but then there's a black screen and no activity. Oddly though, it will every once in a while make it to the login screen before freezing. When pressing the power button to shut it down, it either makes no noise or will beep one long, three short.

I didn't make an changes to the software nor the hardware before this, nor did it have any traumatic experiences. I tried replacing the RAM with no luck, and am at a loss as to what to do now.

Help, please?


A couple of questions

1) how full is your hard disk ? If they are full then windows is slow to start and possibly won't start.

2) Have you defraged disk recently ?

3) Are you running up to date anti-virus software ?


Thanks for replying!

My hard drive isn't all that full, there's about a gig or so of space left.
I don't think I've ever defragged the second, but I was in the process of doing so when the first one kicked the bucket.
And I don't have any anti-virus on the second, the first was up-to-date until the crash.