I have a Dell Inspiron 1150 which had a problem with the plug (solder cracked through normal use). I resoldered ii and put everything back together. Unfortunately, now the laptop won't start.

The symptoms are:
Power Light comes on.
Fan comes on for a while, then shuts down.
Screen is blank.
There are no warning beeps or blinks.
Power light stays on until the power button is pressed to turn the computer off.
The 3 lights above the keyboatd do not come on.

Things I have tried:
1) Powering up with only the power cord, and no battery
(same symptoms)

2) Powering up with the battery in, with or without the power cord
(same symptoms)

3) Removing hard drive, CD drive, and network card
(same symptoms)

4) Rearranging or removing RAM
(same symptoms)

5) Disconnecting the keyboard and touchpad cables
(same symptoms)

6) Removing LCD screen, stripping down to motherboard, and attaching external monitor
(same symptoms)

Just wondering if anyone can think of anything else I could try.

I did check the CPU to make sure it was securely seated against the heatsink - it is.
I have tried a new motherboard and am having the same symptoms.


- TheKeeper

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Well if it were a desktop machine I would suggest to replace your power supply. And seeing that there was a prior problem with that, it may just be that.

When you say you replaced your motherboard was the motherboard new or at least tested?

Yes, the replacement (not new) motherboard was tested.

I don't think it's a power supply problem because I get a green light on the front when I have the AC adapter plugged in. Also, when I have the battery in, I get a green light on the front for that (the right-hand one) so I think that's working too.

When I have the laptop on, nothing happens when I hit the Caps Lock or Num Lock keys. Those lights at the top of the keyboard should go on, shouldn't they?

From my experience the green light doesn't mean anything, I have had machines boot halfway with bad powersupplies, after scratching and banging my head only to realize that the powersupply was bad.

The keyboard not powering up only reinforces it. I don't work with laptops much but the concept is very much the same, If the power connectors are identical try and boot the laptop with a standard PSU.

Do you still think its the PSU if I have the same symptoms using just the battery?

The PSU is not the Battery or the Adapter.

I am not sure how it works for a Laptop, but it's combination of the two. So I guess the PCB controlling the Power Mechanism is faulty.

As I said I don't work on laptops. But My general understanding of circuits and electronics, I am sure there must a be an auto switch which automatically changes the power source. But the power delivery is a different part.

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