My PC was running fine. Then happened that there was no signal to LCD , Keyboard , Mouse. I took everything out , cleaned Motherboard from dust. Then it was working fine. Then after a week the same problem has ocurred , I have tried everthing which I done previously but to no avail. When I took off all RAMs then there is no beep sound? Please guide me.

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You were trying to say that your motherboard isn't working right?

In that case change your PSU (power supply unit). If there was no light from any hardware, that should be the case.

You can test your PSU if it smell something like burned. If you can smell the stench and it's heavily smell, definitely you'll need to replace your PSU.

Consider sending it to your local store for further checking in case mine was wrong...

Actually problem is that there is dust around my processor. Considering that a lot of PC has dust this wont be problem. My PC has infact started like Magic after I have written the thread. But now same problem persists. Also I dont have jumpers setting on motherboard. I know only one power jumper so I make it go with a knife. PSU is working fine. Can there be problem due to jumper settings. If so then what?

jumper is for BIOS if I wasn't mistaken. If you say it's jumper problem, then it may be BIOS problem. To reset BIOS, you'll need to remove the battery (the small one inside) and wait for 20 minutes to let it reset. Might consider plug out all power cable for effective reset.

But I don't think the jumper is at fault here. When your computer is not running, there're 3 possibilities... PSU, Motherboard and RAM (processor also with motherboard)

Go with this order...
If no beep when starting up attach/disattach, meaning RAM is fine
If power can be on after new PSU is install, meaning old PSU is at fault.
If you've test both and computer still wont start, meaning you got faulty motherboard.

Well, before trying above, you should unplug all cable attached to your motherboard.

I think than Motherboard is faulty. Will see a technician soon.

yes, could be a motherboard fail. I had a similar problem on a laptop and turned out some chip on the motherboard was busted

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